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Luna Davis (b. 1999, Austin, Texas) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Davis graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art in 2022, where she explored mediums such as laser cutting, video projection, printmaking, installation, sculpture, and working with CRT TVs that is still present in her work today. As of late, Davis has been exploring ideas of domestic spaces and how memories, emotions, and traumas can be found in these places, along with commenting on digital identity in the age of the internet. Davis distills these concepts through the use of installations, dioramas, video, and sculptures through a personal and universal lens. Recent projects include Hot Wheels, 2023 at the Museum of Human Achievement, and Mass Gallery’s 16th Anniversary Auction, in Austin, Texas. Davis has co-curated Facade at the Visual Arts Center, and Portal Fishing with Favored Channels in 2023.

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