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Artist Statement

I create various nostalgic domestic installations and mixed-media pieces that are altered through the lens of not only my own personal experiences, but other traumatic, emotional, and heavy burdens that we as humans carry with us. These emotions and traumas are experiences that I find to be hidden in plain sight, disguised in the monotony, keeping us ignorant of certain realities. We dress ourselves up in an idealized costume when in reality our consciousness can be messy, disturbing, and unhinged. These domestic spaces are like the sets of our lives - putting on a show that may seem ‘truthful’ but could be the complete opposite. My goal as the creator is to shine a light on these spaces or works where traumas occur within a realm of familiarity and imagination. Distant but familiar. Comfortable but upon close inspection, disturbing.

With the use of mixed media elements such as sculpture, photography, print, and video, I am able to pull specifically what I need from these mediums to fulfill an almost visceral experience. Starting with a wooden structure, a color scheme, or a domestic object, I build a space that encompasses the viewer and transports them to an eerie or uncomfortable setting. From there I incorporate silkscreen prints, video, and minor details that often feature symbols or imagery that allude to a specific message relating to the overall theme of pathos. 

Ultimately I hope to create spaces that can be experienced as a fly on the wall, as a voyeur poised outside a window, and as a distant memory, signaling a specific viewpoint while also acknowledging the shared experiences we all must endure through life. You are not alone. I am here too.

Artist Biography

Luna Davis (b. 1999, Austin, Texas) currently lives and works in Austin, primarily in mixed media ranging from acrylic sheeting, CRT TVs, video, and sculpture. Her work encapsulates ideas of digital identity and traumas found in domestic spaces ranging from personal and universal experiences. Davis graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art in 2022. Recent projects include Hot Wheels, 2023 at the Museum of Human Achievement, and Mass Gallery’s 16th Anniversary Auction, in Austin, Texas. Davis has received grants from Austin Community College, including the Steve Kramer Scholarship in 2019, and has co-curatored, Facade, at the Visual Arts Center.

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